The Muppets… Again Casting and Location Details

Shockingly, our “good” “friend” The British Correspondent has returned to us with some exclusive details on some casting news for The Muppets… Again and the extras that will appear in the movie. Take a look below! But be warned, MINOR SPOILERS LIE AHEAD.

A message from the British Correspondent:

I am very aware that I have spent much of the last year in silence, but this was mainly because I have been working a deep undercover operation at Elstree Studios preparing for the filming of The Muppets… Again. You can imagine my dissapointment when I discovered only last Wednesday that they are currently mid-film at Pinewood Studios. Anyway, having relocated myself to behind the bins out back at the wood of pines, I found some scraps from an open casting call for extras of which I imagine you may all find some interesting details.

According to my sources (sauces?), a scene will take place in a Mediterranean restaurant, a wedding will take place at which many international humans will attend including Japanese, Indian and African guests in traditional costumes and dresses, a number of Irish gentlemen are needed to play photographers, a choir is required (pardon the pun) and a blonde German man will be upset after a robbery.

That is the scoop. Until next time. I will go back to hiding inside this bin with two cats and a dead pigeon.

– The British C.

Additionally, our friend Wayne Howes, who is also a British correspondent but not nearly as secretive or creepy about it, provided us with some details on where The Muppets… Again has been shooting. Wayne is a photographer and you should check out his website for some photos he took while the movie was filming at the Chatham Dockyard in Kent. Unfortunately you can’t see any Muppets, but it might provide some hints. Wayne also provided us with the following list of locations where the movie has been shooting:

  • Clerkenwell Prison
  • Pinewood Studios
  • Chatham Dockyard in Kent 

So I guess we still don’t know too much more info about the movie… but I guess it’s more than we knew before! Any speculation on what this could mean, Muppet fans? Sound off in the comments below!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

16 thoughts on “The Muppets… Again Casting and Location Details

  1. Oh my gosh! T.B.C. you're back! I've missed you and your creepiness… I'm sort of a british correspondent and scotish and american… of topic again… that's quite a bit of cameos and locations. I'm very confused but it's okay, it'll clear up march 21, 2014. Oh and T.B.C., I know your secret and what you look like mr. Anonymous.
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria Gayle K.

  2. Oh you do? Please share with the class, or at least a group of muppet fanatics waiting for muppet 101 (mhm. Ryan)… pretty please with custard ala mode' tell who he or she is? I do, but I would never tell. Mr. Anonymous. 😉
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria Gayle K.

  3. Dearest Maria, Only 5 people know my real identity (including my mother), and I do not believe you are one of them. Thank you for the welcome back I have received, but now I must lower the mast of my so-called Smart Phone and crawl back into this heating-duct above the studio. – T.B.C.

  4. How do you know Maria is my real name? I could be a friend or foe of yours. And I photos. Six people now, or maybe it's still five? The ball is in your court/duct T.B.C. 🙂
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria (maybe) Gayle (maybe not) K. (probably not…but I might be!)

  5. No, but I will give you a hint I'm a friend. Sparkles more of a foe than a friend. But I do know your secret T.B.C., and if you don't tell me your exact location, I'll tell. But it's okay, remember, I'm your friend. But my name is maria that's my only secret I'm telling you, or am I lieing? No, I'm not, but I know why we haven't heard from you for so long… 🙂 kiss kiss.
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria Gayle K. (Not sparkle, though she is a friend.)

  6. Fascinating. Always happy to have a friend on my side against that strange Australian lad who also posts around here… Sadly I cannot reveal my exact location because its almost directly opposite Bill Barretta 's trailer, in a bush.

    Until the next time! – T.B.C.

  7. I'm a friend of everyone here at the mindset, I'm part scotish! I have to be! Question: is Mr. Barretta's trailer next to Mr. Whitmire's or Jacobson? Because I think I see the bush or is that a leave pile/garbage? Hum, nevermind…
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria Gayle K. (The weird one, with a kermit shirt on)

  8. Does the pile of garbagey leaves have a pair of pale green binoculars? In that case, it is me. But please do not attempt to approach, my intelligence depends on my anonymity and I do pinch if you get too close.

    Love as ever. – T.B.C.

  9. Its yours, and if I do approach you you should be worried, I bite, and I don't buy dinner first. Kiss kiss.
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria Gayle K. (Have fun with anonymity)

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