News Update: January 24, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: January 24, 2013
Our good friends over at and their contributor Matthew Soberman have written a wonderful open letter to James Bobin regarding The Muppets… Again. While I’m sure Mr. Bobin has received a lot of Muppet fan requests regarding the new movie, I sincerely hope he pays attention to this one. Matthew and ToughPigs (and now me) are asking Mr. Bobin to dedicate The Muppets… Again to the life and legacy of Jerry Nelson. As we all know, Jerry Nelson sadly passed away in August last year. It only seems fitting–nay, completely right–to dedicate the new movie, presumably chock-full of Jerry’s characters, to Jerry. So… share the open letter around as much as you can! Because Jerry deserves it.

Speaking of The Muppets… Again, Twitter has proven to be a fantastic source of information about the production process on the film. Muppeteer Matt Vogel and star of the upcoming film Ricky Gervais have been tweeting some pretty fantastic updates on the film, including the fact that FILMING OFFICIALLY BEGAN YESTERDAY! Check out some of the fantastic tweets below…

In casting news, the first official bit of non-leading part casting information for The Muppets… Again has been released: Ray Liotta will be appearing in the new movie! Variety confirmed that the Muppets From Space alum will be appearing in a secret role in the film. Will he be reprising his role as a security guard who easily succumbs to Miss Piggy? Probably not, but it would be pretty funny.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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