Muppet Fan’s Muppet Collection Chronicle: Peter Valentin

The Muppet Fan’s Muppet Collection Chronicle is brought to you by our good friends at Muppet Stuff! Like them on Facebook for photos and information on Muppet merchandise both new and old. If you would like to submit your Muppet collection for use on our site, email it to us at or Now join us in enjoying the AMAZING collection of our friend Peter Valentin!

Peter Valentin – Hi Guys, Peter Valentin here, a life long Muppet Fan and Collector from Australia. I grew up with the Muppets, starting with Sesame Street as it began and followed the Muppets to their own show and subsequent Muppet family spin offs like Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, etc. I am now in my late forties and still just as facinated with them. I have a huge Muppet Memorabilia Collection which I would like to share with you. I have a lot of figures and even neat props.

From The Muppets’ Wizard Of Oz, the storybook that opened and closed the movie and the Oz For Dummies book.
Custom Gonzo plumbing truck statue
Head casts of Miss Piggy, Statler, and Waldorf. They are the only 3 characters
that used molds.
A walk-around Miss Piggy head from a Muppet live-costume show.
An unfinished Gonzo head.
A background frog photo puppet.
A pair of Miss Piggy’s shoes.
A replica Doozer.
Jim Henson bust and Dark Crystal toys.
Model of the alien spaceship from Muppets From Space, Golden Gonzo statue, Croonchy Stars box and Swedish Chef doll.
One of my favorite Muppets is the venerable Fozzie Bear.I have nearly every Fozzie figure ever made(excluding Plush).
The pride of my Collection is….(drumroll) Mister Fozzie Bear himself! This is a photo puppet actually used for many Muppet photo shoots. It’s really Fozzie!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Collection as much as I do!

Thanks to our friend Peter Valentin for submitting these amazing photos! Send us YOUR Muppet collection photos to have them featured here!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

7 thoughts on “Muppet Fan’s Muppet Collection Chronicle: Peter Valentin

  1. The Miss Piggy walkaround head and puppet head cast were from never know what might turn up!The Statler and Waldorf head casts were through a private offer to me.The Fozzie and Gonzo standups were from a McDonalds window display for their Great Muppet Caper glasses promotion.Peter.

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