News Update: September 27, 2012

NEWS UPDATE: September 27, 2012

Cookie Monster and Grover stopped by the offices of Entertainment Weekly this week to promote Sesame Street‘s 43rd Season. While they were there, they were convinced to perform a medley of songs celebrating the best of summer 2012, including The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and The Avengers. As musicals. With Cookie Monster and Grover. Watch and love!

Elmo stopped by The Look on the HelloStyleChannel on YouTube to show off his latest fashion, as seen in the new segment “Elmo: The Musical.” The video is ridiculously cute and Elmo is always funny (especially when he talks about Game of Thrones and not having nuclear war codes), so enjoy!

As we mentioned awhile back, The Muppet Christmas Carol is coming to Blu-ray on November 6th and the release is packed with bonus features. One of these features is a new one called “Muppets Christmas Carol Sing-Along” and the two preview videos below, featuring The Swedish Chef, chickens, and a bunch of rats, appear to be from that feature. Enjoy!

Friend of Jim Henson Company puppets and spinning-chair sitter, Cee Lo Green, is going to have a very Muppety Christmas this year with the release of his new holiday album Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, scheduled for release on October 30th (this Tuesday). As our friends at reported, the Muppets will sing the song “All I Need is Love” “on his Christmas album, the subsequent music video, and even on his live show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on October 10th.” Appearing on the song would have been plenty, but all of this extra stuff? AWESOME. I for one cannot wait for the music video! Look out for the album to drop on Tuesday, when we can finally listen to this Muppety/Cee Lo collaboration!

Finally, and most importantly, on October 27th, The Jim Henson Legacy and The Museum of the Moving Image are hosting “A Tribute to Jerry Nelson” at the Museum in New York City at 2:00pm. The tribute is scheduled to include Bill Barretta, Fran Brill, and Dave Goelz as well as “other special guests” all in person at the show. I (Ryan Dosier) am planning to be in attendance at the event, and if you can make it out, I would highly recommend it. My friends at the Legacy have told me that it will be truly special. For more information, visit the website for the Museum of the Moving Image.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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