Previewing Sesame Street’s 43rd Season

Tomorrow, Monday, September 24th, marks the premiere of Sesame Street‘s record-breaking 43rd season on PBS! This season, Elmo debuts a new segment, Elmo: The Musical, which looks incredibly fun and fantastic. Today we’re spotlighting six videos from the upcoming season, including a brand new song from Train, Elmo, and Count von Count (perhaps Jerry Nelson’s final musical performance on the show), another jab at the “Veggie Monster” controversy with Mario Lopez, Eric Stonestreet and Abby demonstrate “remember,” Halle Berry, Elmo, and friends define “nibble,” and two wonderful previews of Elmo: The Musical! Enjoy the videos and set your recording devices for brand new Sesame Street in Season 43!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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