Celebrities YOU’D Like to See Work With the Muppets

Last week we asked you what celebrities you would like to see goof off with the Muppets. We have your answers here and now! Enjoy. (Please forgive the lack of pictures in today’s post. I’m away from my computer at a wedding and am editing from my phone. Yay technology!)

  • Sarah Cross – I loved the Muppets on WWE Raw and think the Muppets should do a WWE show once a year (Christmas special maybe).
  • Joseph Schmidt – Adam Young, Tim Hawkins, Armin Van Buuren, Tim Allen, Chuck Norris, Harrison Ford, James Roday and Dulé Hill, Charlie McDonnel.
  • Anonymous – Amanda Palmer might be a little much for most. Chris Rock has the energy. Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Geller, Ellen Page. Jason Bateman, Wendie Malick, Tommy Lee Jones, Tony Shaloub, Rip Torn
  • Jarrod Fairclough –
    JOEL MCHALE – Like Ryan, I’m biased in that this is my favorite show ever.  Come on.  Kermit and Jeff Winger are basically the same person – both control a bunch of crazy lovable misfits.
    CONAN O’BRIEN – Along with Muppets and Community, Conan is the other thing I am obsessed with.  The man is a comedic genius, and his brand of silly zany humour is a perfect fit for The Muppets.  It surprises me that they haven’t done much together.
    NEIL PATRICK HARRIS – The man tried to get Statler and Waldorf to heckle the Emmys when he hosted.  Enough said.
    GILLIAN JACOBS – Again, the Community fan in me demands it.  Who wouldn’t want to see her ‘Me So Hungy’ dance while Kermit sings Happy Feet?  Let’s just hope she wouldn’t Britta it.
    EMMA WATSON – Because I love her.  Because Pepe would be able to say all the things I’ve wanted to say to her.
    And one more for good measure:
    JIM RASH – The guy’s had more costume changes in 3 seasons of Community, then Miss Piggy has had her idea career.


  • Mary Arline
    JOHNNY DEPP:  By all accounts, he is very silly and always willing to subvert his Hollywood Leading Man image.  Plus, it would give Kermit another chance to use his adorably accurate Jack Sparrow costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 premiere.

    DANIEL RADCLIFFE:  The adorable and multi-talented Radcliffe is a self-professed Muppet fan, and this would give them the perfect excuse to do a Muppet Harry Potter parody–which, in my opinion, is long overdue.

    NATHAN FILLION:  Not only is he funny, handsome and charming but his body of work suggests nearly endless parody possibilities. 

    STANA KATIC: Fillion’s ‘Castle’ co-star, in addition to appearing in the Never-Ending Mahna Mahna Phenomahna, is a kick-ass actress in every possible sense of the word.

    TY BURRELL:  When Kermit was having trouble finding a celebrity guest star for the telethon in ‘The Muppets’, my first thought was that he should ask someone from my favorite sitcom, ‘Modern Family’.  Lo and behold, 20 minutes later Rico Rodriguez appeared, which was awesome.  Nevertheless, my first choice would have been Ty Burrell (Phil on ‘Modern Family’).  He has a delightfully self-deprecating sense of humor that would mesh perfectly with the Muppet ethos.
  • Michael Wermuth, Jr. – 
    1. “Weird Al” Yankovic
    Aside from being one of my favorite music performers, “Weird Al” seems like a natural to work with the Muppets, and yet the only work he’s done with the Muppets so far was an interview in Muppet Magazine. I’d like to see him perform with The Electric Mayhem (they could use an accordion player, right?) and do something with Gonzo. And with the word “weird” being part of his nickname, I can’t think of any celebrity who’d be more appropriate to work with the Muppets.
     2. Kelly Clarkson
     Aside from her being so attractive (and I’m really not sure how “current” she is), she is a good singer, and I like many of her songs, including “A Moment Like This”, “Because of You”, and “Since U Been Gone”. I think those would work well with the Muppets. Naturally I think The Electric Mayhem should back her up.
     3. Steve Carrell
     He reluctantly turned down a cameo in The Muppets, which is a good sign that he’d be great with the Muppets. He also seems like a modern-day Jim Carrey (even though Carrey is still a little “current”). I feel he could work with anyone, but I think Pepe would be the best character for him to interract with.
     4. Bill Murray
     One of those celebrities who has been around for decades (becoming famous the year The Muppet Show went on the air), and while he has acted in a number of Frank Oz-directed films, it’s a wonder he hasn’t worked with the Muppets. I could see him as one of those guest stars who acts reluctant/forced to be on the show (like John Cleese).
     5. Ashton Kutcher
     Can you believe that Kutcher has been famous for a little more than a decade, yet he still hasn’t done anything with the Muppets? I could see him paired with Miss Piggy and Link Hogthrob, or maybe he could put Beaker or The Newsman in some Punk’D-style situations. 

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Celebrities YOU’D Like to See Work With the Muppets

  1. I SECOND WEIRD AL!!!!! I am a huge Weird Al fan (I have actually met him), and he would be perfect for the Muppets!

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