More News About The Next Muppet Movie

Ryan Dosier – Hey, remember The Muppets? That was a great movie, wasn’t it? Gee, that must have been so long ago that we were showing off tons of news about that… It wasn’t? It was less than a year ago? Huh. Then how come there is a steady stream of news about the next Muppet movie already coming our way? Because Disney finally has faith in the Muppets? If you say so!

But seriously… we all know that’s the case, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that case (obviously). Just five days ago we showed off some major news on the new Muppet feature film from Nicholas Stoller, and already we have even more to showcase.

First and foremost, we have more news on the Jason Segel front. The star and co-writer of The Muppets recently revealed why he wasn’t going to be writing or starring in the next movie, but yesterday he revealed that he won’t even return for a cameo appearance. In an interview with The Playlist while on the press junket for his new film, The Five Year Engagement, Jason revealed why he wouldn’t return for a cameo saying…

“No, no cameo. It was a very distinct choice on my part. Of course I was asked to do it. I did exactly what I set out to do, if that makes any sense. My goal was never to take over the helm of the Muppets. They have people who are better equipped for that. My only goal was to bring back the Muppets that I loved. And I did that. I kinda don’t know what I have left to do in that regard.”

Again, Segel proves that he just wants to let the Muppets be the Muppets without him. He is doing the honorable thing by moving on, realizing that none of the previous Muppet movies had recurring human characters, and continuing on that tradition. 

Meanwhile, Nicholas Stoller keeps talking about the next movie that he’s writing with director of The Muppets James Bobin. While on another press appearance for The Five Year Engagement, friend of The Muppet Mindset, Elizabeth Leary, while reporting for, got the chance to ask Stoller a few questions about the movie. Here is the recap from ToughPigs: Walter will play a role in the next movie. It will be a complete story separate from the first movie, but there will be some “connective tissue.” And having successfully reintroduced the characters, they’re planning to concentrate on the comedy this time around.

All of those things sound excellent to me. More Walter? A new story? More comedy? Connective tissue? Like, like, like, and yeah, okay! This is so thrilling to hear about, and just another reason to be extra excited for what is to come. I think the most exciting thing, however, is that it hasn’t even been six months since The Muppets was released in U.S. theaters… and we already have this much to say about the next movie. Just incredible.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

4 thoughts on “More News About The Next Muppet Movie

  1. It sounds awesome!

    I loved the new movie and I love the fact that Disney really wants to have another Muppet film!
    Plus, its great that the Muppets have been everywhere lately, It feels like the '70s and '80s.
    Technically, I wasn't around in the '70s, but I am well aware of their presence in that era. 😉

  2. Think of all of the Muppets that had a minor role in *The Muppets*, did not speak in *The Muppets*, or did not appear in *The Muppets*, that could have used more lines or screen time. There's a lot. Pepe. Rizzo. Link Hogthrob. Bean Bunny. Clifford. Skeeter. Annie Sue. Spamella. Foo-Foo. Robin. Johnny and Sal. Dr. Phil van Neuter. Mrs. Appleby. Inkspots. Angus McGonagle. George the Janitor. J. P. Grosse. Mulch. Many more. Walter was a great addition to the cast because he's one of us. '80s Robot was a good joke – once. But let's stop creating more characters! There is no more room for new characters!

  3. Amazing that in less than five months since “The Muppets” release in theaters, the Blu-ray has been released and there's so much talk/info on a sequel. A few years ago would anyone believe this was even possible? Rock on Muppets!

    As for the new movie info, it all sounds good to me but the “connective tissue” gives me pause. If this follow up feels too much like a direct follow up I'd wonder about the longevity of this resurgence. Making each movie self contained and different keeps things fresh and (hopefully) interest high in seeing something new.

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