News Update: February 16, 2012

NEWS UPDATE: February 16, 2012
Miss Piggy was chosen to host the BAFTA Red Carpet ceremony in London this past weekend and, as you would guess, she did an amazing job. She mingled with the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, John Hamm, Gary Oldman, and plenty of other major stars all showing up for the British Academy awards. You can check out an eight minute video of Piggy’s hosting gig below!

ToyFair 2012 was this past weekend as well, and our good friends at ToughPigs stopped by the convention to look out for Muppet stuff! They found some awesome Sesame Street toys coming soon, along with some cool Muppet toys as well! You can check out the full coverage on ToughPigs proper, but we wanted to spotlight some cool stuff below. First up is another look at the Funko POP! Muppet figures coming soon. The artwork shown here reveals pupils on the figures, along with fantastically awesome Mahna Mahna and Snowth figures! Looky looky!

Also from Funko are some incredibly awesome Muppet bobbleheads–also coming soon. How amazing is it that we’ll be getting a Dr. Teeth bobblehead before too long?! Must have!

It was a slow week for Muppet news, but here we have an article from Empire Online in which they interviewed various celebrities to find out their favorite Muppets. There are some spectacularly obscure choices (Simon Pegg loves Floyd, Ricky Gervais loves Robin the Frog, etc.) and some hilarious and aggravating, incredibly wrong choices as well. Someone asserted that Walt Disney was a Muppet, Ryan Reynolds made an off-color comment about Gonzo, David Yates like something called Ernie the Frog. But mostly, it’s just neat to hear celebrities talking about Muppets!

Finally, the petition telling The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to let the Muppets sing at the Academy Awards next Sunday, February 26th, has reached nearly 60,000 signatures. It’s over halfway towards its goal of 100,000, so if you haven’t already sign and share the petition with everyone you know! We could get the Muppets at the Oscars! Come on, Muppet fans!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

One thought on “News Update: February 16, 2012

  1. The online Empire article is actually just an excerpt from the magazine's bajillion-Muppet-pages issue out last month! Good stuff! Somebody should scan it to share with US audiences! 🙂

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