THE MUPPETS Wins at Critics Choice Movie Awards

Last night The Critics Choice Movie Awards were held and broadcast live on VH1. These awards help kick off the awards season, leading into the Golden Globes this weekend, the Academy Awards next month, and numerous other awards in between. The Critics Choice marked the first awards that The Muppets was nominated for, being nominated for Best Comedy and “Life’s a Happy Song,” “Man or Muppet,” and “Pictures in My Head” being nominated for Best Song.

The Muppets unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) lost in the Best Comedy category to Bridesmaids. But for the movie to be nominated alongside huge comedic successes such as Crazy, Stupid, Love, Bridesmaids, and others is a major honor for the film.

The Muppets did, however, take home the statue for Best Song for “Life’s a Happy Song”!! This category was not broadcast on VH1, but the LA Times later confirmed the victory for them. This win only yields positive things for the movie and the song, giving it a much better chance of both being nominated and winning subsequent awards, including the coveted Oscar. Our sincere congratulations go out to Bret McKenzie, James Bobin, Jason Segel, and everyone on The Muppets team for their first big win of the awards season!

There was also a treat for Muppet fans watching the Awards last night, when Statler and Waldorf made a brief appearance via satellite, heckling movie stars and blockbuster pictures from the comfort of their home (or a home) in their bed robes. Thanks to our friends at ToughPigs, who found the video, you can now watch the two old geezers in their appearance below!

Congratulations again to The Muppets for the big win for “Life’s a Happy Song”! Unfortunately, the movie received no Golden Globe nominations, so our next big awards season event will come with the announcement of Oscar nominations on January 24th, with the Oscars ceremony on February 26th. It seems that The Muppets is a shoe-in for “Best Original Song” nominations there, and perhaps more… and more than likely we’ll see some Muppets make appearances at the ceremony. But until then…

Life’s a filet of fish… yes it is!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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