Ryan Dosier – Yesterday on Twitter a lot of Muppet fans had a lot of fun playing around with a new hashtag. For those of you who don’t know what a hashtag is (and there’s no shame in that), it’s a series of words, with no spaces, proceeded by a number sign (#) and placed at the end of a tweet (a single Twitter message) to include it in a theme or series of tweets using the same hashtag. Well, yesterday, I somewhat accidentally invented a fun new hashtag on The Muppet Mindset Twitter account: #muppetfanproblems

It all started when I was in the car listening to my iPod and I heard the familiar intro music to the song “Forget You” (which also has a not-safe-for-Elmo title). I grinned and was excited to hear the Chickens cluck the song as they do on the movie soundtrack for The Muppets. I was crestfallen, however, when, instead of Camilla, Cee Lo Green started singing instead. I knew the only people who would understand my disappointment were Muppet fans… so I decided to tweet about it. The tweet read, Getting excited to hear the Chickens cluck “Forget You” on your iPod and being disappointed when it’s Cee Lo instead. #muppetfanproblems

This started a whole chain of tweets… not only from me on the Mindset account, but a whole heap of other Muppet fans jumping on the wagon to join the fun. Some of the tweets were serious, such as the following…

  • @aeonflash – They revealed what Gonzo’s species is, instead of just making him a “Whatever.” #muppetfanproblems
  • @EmTeeHammer – Missing Jim Henson terribly even though he died before you were born. #muppetfanproblems
  • @Westcoast_BrianTrying to watch Muppets Take Manhattan with my niece and she asks “Where’s Elmo?” #muppetfanproblems
  •  @MuppetMindset – Waiting for Disney to release The Muppet Show Seasons 4 and 5 on DVD. #muppetfanproblems

But most of the tweets that happened last night were hysterical and a crazy amount of fun to read, retweet, and play along with. Here are some of my favorite from last night…

  • @MuppetMindset – Never being able to find the right dog for you because none of them play piano (at least not well). #muppetfanproblems
  • @joehennes – My roommate REALLY doesn’t like it when I interrupt his bath time with a sing-along. #muppetfanproblems
  • @ianyoshi – Whenever I’m upset, a special guest star doesn’t come and sing a song to me to make me feel better. #muppetfanproblems 
  • @teverette11 – Unsuccessfully starting a whispering campaign in a restaurant. #muppetfanproblems
  • @bluebomber95 – Having to constantly throw fish in hope that they will come back, only to be disappointed. #muppetfanproblems
  • @Martinstern – Getting directions to “bear left” and knowing the reply “right frog” will get you nothing. #muppetfanproblems
  • @Rbnhoodga – Never having musical numbers break out at the supper club. #muppetfanproblems
  • @apbuitron – My parents won’t let me try Hare Krishna. #muppetfanproblems
  • @MuppetMindset – Trying to test out your jokes on a real bear usually ends with claws for alarm. #muppetfanproblems
  • @puckrox – No one understands why you show up to prom with a chicken as your date. #muppetfanproblems
  • @Westcoast_brian – Checking every locker at the bus station to see if one of them has a jacuzzi. #muppetfanproblems
  • @LucasRoss – Having a childhood crush on a lady pig, only to find out years later she’s played by a man. #muppetfanproblems #therapy
  • @jedikermit – Watching March of the Penguins and waiting for the songs and backflips… #muppetfanproblems
  • @Revolos55 – Every time you and your girlfriend sing a duet, the scenery falls on you. #muppetfanproblems
  • @muppetmusic – You thought Gonzo was playing the minister. #muppetfanproblems
  • @BloodyMarquis – None of us will probably ever know how to get to Sesame Street. #muppetfanproblems
  • @Westcoast_brian – When are they going to invent a word for old friends who’ve just met? #muppetfanproblems
  • @rwmead – Failing to understand the appeal of the Banana Sketch. #muppetfanproblems
  • @MuppetMindset – Am I a man or am I a Muppet? #muppetfanproblems

Wasn’t that fun? (The answer is yes.) And the best part is… you can now follow a brand new Twitter account with nothing but #muppetfanproblems managed by yours truly over at @MuppetFanProbs! We’ll be tweeting often using the hashtag and retweeting great ones from Muppet fans as well!

To find all of the tweets using #muppetfanproblems, check out the hashtag page on Twitter!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, ryguy102390@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “#MuppetFanProblems

  1. Being a fan of The Muppets and having people laugh at you because not everyone likes the Muppets but you do and you are diferant to them.


  2. Actually, Elmo is at the end of “The Muppets Take Manhatten” during the wedding scene. You can barely see him during the full shot of wedding seating area with the other Sesame Muppets.

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