News Update: October 21, 2011

NEWS UPDATE: October 21, 2011

Since Disney and the Muppets Studio started The Muppets Fan-A-Thon awhile back, we’ve been treated to three brand new videos featuring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear as they shill on the open web for a bazillion “likes” on Facebook. Well, chalk up two more Fan-A-Thon videos for the Muppets as Gonzo (with Pepe) and Animal debuted their videos over the past two weeks. Check them both out below! And, really, won’t you “like” them already? Gonzo’s going to suffocate and goodness knows Animal doesn’t need any more head injuries.

The domination of the Muppets has obviously begun, and you know what that means… Miss Piggy storming the world with her undying celebrity status. The most recent outlet for this is InStyle magazine who, in their most recent issue (November 2011) have a spectacular four page feature on Miss Piggy complete with brand new, gorgeous pictures of the pig posing in designer clothes from Opening Ceremony, Suno, Brian Atwood, Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, and Giles & Brothers. Lucky for male Muppet fans who don’t think they could consciously buy InStyle magazine, our friends over at have hi-resolution scans of every page provided to them by Disney. Now go and ogle that pig!

Disney has launched a new website for The Muppets, mostly intended for the UK audience, entitled Lucky for everyone else, however, anyone, in the UK or not, can access this new site and get in-depth details, pictures, audio clips, and video of most of the main Muppet characters. This of course includes characters like Kermit and Gonzo (see Gonzo-on-a-stool picture at right), but you can also take a peek at Zoot, Walter, Dr. Teeth, and more! Check it out and time yourself to see how long it takes you to have a new desktop background.

In super exciting news that may or may not be super exciting once it happens, Jason Segel is hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live on November 19th. Although it cannot be officially confirmed by any means, there is a very good chance that we’ll be seeing a Muppet or two (or ten) appearing alongside Jason and the rest of the SNL cast on the 19th. Since the appearance occurs only four days before the release of The Muppets, it seems only logical–if not required. With Jason Segel involved it’s sure to be a great night of comedy either way… but Muppet involvement would put it completely over the top.

The Muppets are back to their old act of making commercials for people to further their own gains. The victim this time (other than Beaker) is UL Laboratories, who promote fire safety in the home. And what better Muppet to promote safety regulations than Dr. Bunsen Honeydew? In the video below, featuring Kermit, Dr. Honeydew, and Beaker, we see just how flammable Beaker really is.

Last week Yamaha Entertainment Group (which is currently offering the chance to win a trip to The Muppets premiere and a Yamaha piano) posted a link to a new article in Yamaha All Access Magazine: an interview with Rowlf the Dog. The interview, while also being extraordinary for being an interview with Rowlf for the first time in who knows how long, is incredibly funny, heart-warming, and Rowlf-y. It’s a howling good time. Don’t bother barking at this one, just read it!

According to our pals over at, the wildly popular (and wildly bipolar) television show Glee will soon feature a cover of Kermit’s ballad “Bein’ Green.” The song will be performed by new Glee character, Rory, portrayed by co-winner of The Glee Project reality show, Irish-singer Damian McGinty. “Bein’ Green” will be featured in the November 1st episode of the show on FOX, which is also McGinty’s debut episode on the show. It probably isn’t too much of a stretch to guess that “Bein’ Green” is McGinty’s first song he’ll sing… which is pretty cool for Muppet fans.

And now, to close, please enjoy this video from which our friends over at Muppet Musings posted to YouTube featuring… Muppets dancing. It’ll be the greatest 14 seconds of your day, guaranteed.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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