The Pig With the Froggy Tattoo Teaser Trailer Breakdown, Part 1

Did you wake up this morning on the wrong side of the bed? Are you in need of a little pick me up? Having a rough time as summer wains and fall lords over us? Well… lucky for you, the folks at Walt Disney Studios have the cure for… well, the cure for everything:

The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo… the fourth and latest parody trailer (a parody of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer) for The Muppets has made my day, week, and month. Heck, if it weren’t for the actual movie coming out in November, it might have made my year.

In the grand tradition of every other trailer for this movie,we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down this brand new trailer for you, new image by new image. This trailer is so completely overflowing with new stuff, however, that we’re going to have to split up this breakdown into two parts. (I have a total of 54 different screencaps waiting here.) So check back tomorrow for Part 2, and for now… enjoy the wonder of the first 30 screencaps from The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo.

0:06 – Can you say “Fifteen seconds to curtain?” Because I certainly think Scooter can, and will, in the movie. Also, check out the picture of Scooter and Sylvester Stallone from The Muppet Show on the wall!

0:07 – I really want to know what the Muppets get thrown in jail for… but for now I’ll just settle for seeing Gonzo in his classic purple tuxedo once again.

0:10 – It’s at this time in the breakdown that I’d like to start taking a tally of Piggy outfits in this trailer. With this one and the one in the clip above we’re already up to two… and we’re ten seconds in.

 0:11 – Hey! That’s Rashida Jones! She’s very obviously backstage at the Muppet Theater. (How awesome is that?) This is the first time we’ve actually seen any footage of her in the movie.

0:12 – I can confirm that this scene takes place during the “We Built This City” montage of cleaning up the theater as Kermit tries to find big-name talent for the save the theater telethon. This is after Kermit has, obviously, gone through his entire Rolodex.

0:13 – Poor 80’s Robot… he gets left behind in the car while an explosion happens. This is an AWESOME shot.

0:14 – Fozzie STILL can’t believe they could afford an explosion that big! I love this… Scooter and Fozzie just chilling on a couch. When have we ever seen that?

0:14 – Ladies and gentlemen, Tex Richman and the Las Vegas show-girl dancers!

0:15 – Check this out! This takes place right after the Muppets finish cleaning the theater and Dr. Teeth turns off the radio playing “We Built This City.”

0:19 – LINK! It’s Link Hogthrob polishing a mirror! How perfect… how utterly perfect.

 0:22 – I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here… but I just loved Kermit’s face here.

 0:24 – Rowlf. Piano. Joyful. Enough said.

 0:25 – Two things… one, LIPS! Two, purple tuxedos from The Muppet Show. Three (sorry, three things), Floyd, Animal, Lips, band pit… amazing.

0:26 – This is obviously the first time that Kermit lays eyes on Piggy when the find her in Paris. This shot and the camera movement are almost a perfect mimic of The Muppet Movie.

 0:27 – There’s Rashida Jones again! I guess this means that her TV executive character works for a station called CDE. Whatever that means.

0:28 – This movie has dancing chickens?! Count me in. (As if you couldn’t already.)

0:28 – Does anyone know who this guy is? It looks like he’s playing another TV executive… but I don’t recognize the actor at all and I assume it’s a cameo.

0:30 – Based on the picture frame, I’m pretty sure this is a shot from Kermit’s song “Pictures in My Head” that he sings while walking through his empty mansion. LOVE the perfect recreation of the Chef’s kitchen!

0:31 – I have a theory about where/when this shot takes place… I’m thinking that this is when Walter discovers Tex Richman’s plans to raze the Muppet Theater after he sneaks off during the tour of The Muppets Studio.

 0:31 – Statler and Waldorf are back in the balcony once again!!

 0:32 – This is really going to be a great musical number. I hope Bobo is acting stupid during it. (Isn’t he always?)

0:32 – Gonzo and Camilla do a little dance… but if you look closely, Gonzo is holding a detonator in his other hand (not pictured here). Could HE be the one who blows up Gonzo’s Royal Flush?

0:33 – Possibly the most captivating shot in the entire trailer… a picture of Kermit and Piggy, happily married at the end of The Muppets Take Manhattan, torn in two. Note that Kermit is holding it Miss Piggy’s half of the picture and Miss Piggy is holding Kermit’s half. What does this mean?!

0:34 – Nothing much to say here… other than I love shots filled with random Muppets. (Hi, Zoot!)

0:35 – It’s awesome child actor Rico Rodriguez from TV’s Modern Family! He looks SO happy to be with those Snowths! (Wouldn’t you be?) But just what is he doing with those Snowths?

0:36 – I LOVE this. I’m pretty sure this is one of the first times the Muppets get a look at their dilapidated theater.

0:36 – I have a feeling that this is where Piggy comes through in a big way. Plus… that’s a great outfit for her.

0:37 – Wait a minute… that’s comedian Sarah Silverman! We didn’t know that she was in the movie! What a fantastic surprise! (Mostly because it means that there are sure to be even more surprise cameos!)

0:37 – I LOVE this shot. The supportive Piggy, standing right behind her frog. 

0:38 – And, our final shot of part 1, Kermit tears down the barriers and is about to enter the Muppet Theater once again. This was the opening of the scene shown at the D23 Expo last month.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of our breakdown! We’re only 38 seconds in… there’s a lot more to see!


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

9 thoughts on “The Pig With the Froggy Tattoo Teaser Trailer Breakdown, Part 1

  1. Ryan,

    the network that Rashida Jones' character is working for is a reference to the Disney owned ABC, only they couldn't go with the alphabetic continuation DEF for obvious reasons… hence: CDE!

    If you look closely, it's not just Kermit holding the wedding picture. Kermit is holding Piggy's half, while Piggy is holding Kermit's half!!!

    Lastly, I hope that Piggy (and Kermit?) will get a gleam in her eyes for the 0:26 scene, since it would be in perfect continuity with the other movies:'s_Emotion_Eyes_Variants#Eyes_of_enchantment

  2. in the second part of the trailer, at 1:12, it looks like Gonzo's mouth is broke/ripped and his tongue in sideways…then at 1:13 Janice is not in the arches as she should be, as we see her earlier signing “It's time to put on makeup”… also in 1:13, anyone want to take a stab at why there are open holes in the arches and not every character is where they original where?

  3. …His mouth is NOT ripped…Better luck next time.

    There is no need to be so damn obsessive. Wait until you see the actual movie.

    Its like what Frank Oz said in a 1999 interview;

    “people have no idea what the post-production process can do to a movie.”

  4. ok Anon, I'm not saying they won't fix these things.. I'm saying hopefully the will!

    .. if Gonzo's mouth isn't ripped care to explain the black hole and mis-shaped tongue in his mouth?

    I had to look at it in slow-mo to really see it..

  5. To quote Animal, “FIGHT! FIGHT!” kidding. let's calm down. seeing that torn wedding pic has bothered me ALL day! Seeing Link clean cracks me up! I can just hear him, “I have to wear these gloves so I don't get my little haaaands dirty!” and I watched it two or three times to make sure that was Sarah Silverman. I was so shocked to see her! I wonder who else is going to pop up? Also, does Piggy look wet when she is in the police station/jail scene?

  6. Re: Arches…

    Empty arches – i'm pretty sure there's a specific gag that they're (wisely) not spoilering in the trailers – trust me…you'll want this to be a surprise! (Though i don't know why there's as many empty arches as there are unless it's misdirection)

    As for not being same placement/grouping of Muppets as the original…i like it better that way. The cast has changed since 1977 and this reflects what the current opening number what look like. Even though they never reshot the “Muppetational” verse arches shot during TMS' run, they did have different Muppets doing the female/male chorus lines each season so that's proof positive enough for me that it's okee dokee to switch it up.

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