A Musical Rotating Rain Barrow?

Morning all. It is I, the British Correspondent. As you are no doubt aware, my loyalties are flexible. I have been prepared in the past (semi-recent past) to abandon my Muppet Passion for a Moopet Fandom. But now I have realised the error of my ways…

…and become a fan of OK GO.

BREAKING NEWS EDIT: The video is now here! Watch it, then see how it matches with the way I predicted it might play out (it doesn’t).

While you are all eagerly clicking ‘refresh’ over at OKgo’s Vevo page waiting for the Muppets video to drop, I felt that it might be a good idea to distract you with some early speculation and preliminary thoughts on the release of the The Muppets: The Green Album’s OK Go Muppet Show Theme music video featuring The Muppets (try saying that three times, when I did that I tangled my tongue with my tonsils.)

Covers of Covers
It will be interesting to see The Muppets collaborating with artists who are covering a song originally originated by themselves. This idea of The Muppets (theoretically) helping them by appearing in the music video when they are (theoretically) helping The Muppets by releasing the music video seems to be a theme that is explored within the video, as early shots show OK Go as themselves in recreations of their own videos with added Muppets, and them as The Muppets recreating classic Muppet scenes such as the Muppaphones with added OK Go.

 Music Can Cause Pain
(we’ve all heard Piggy sing)
Full Steam Ahead

Full (of) Steam Ahead

Under the Covers
Unlike many fictional (?) properties, The Muppets have always existed in ‘our’ world as opposed to a world of their own (such as that inhabited by cartoons). By often appearing with real celebrities and by appearing in interviews as themselves they burst the bubble of their ‘fictionalised’ universe and become real within our reality.

The Muppets Do Not Exist Purely as a Dream
(Except Muppet Babies)
(Blame Miss Piggy for that)

Covering a Wide Range
The Muppet world is not small. It encompasses many races, species, items and things. Compare this line up to the backing-dancer line up of so many music videos. You will likely not see such diversity any place else (except for Born This Way, perhaps…).

They Were Born This Way
(And Born a Second Time)

Not Covering All Bases
The Swedish Chef has yet to create a successful meal, but he has created (time and time again) successful entertainment. Is it important if the art you originally set out to create is not the art you result in presenting to the audience? Will the audience judge you on this basis alone? Would the audience exist/understand if the original concept were not presented as intention prior to artistic swerve? All questions raised by the strong imagery used herein.

He is Swedish.
He is a Chef.
Is this enough?

Covered in Grease
Our lives are now encased in machinery. Here, even music is machine. Consider.

M.A.M.M.A had come a long way from her origin/al purpose

Covering Up Mistakes
To make them laugh by not making them laugh, by existing as a failed performance. He is prepared to walk this line to keep the world in a state of smiling. Are you?

The Banana Sketch
(Is)/(Is Not) Funny.
Pick One.

Cavorting with History
The Muppets have come a long way since The Muppet Show, but therein lies the strength of everything which followed. Leif Erikson as represented by Miss Piggy? Where does your strength come from?
Viking? Vi-QUEEN.

Not Covered in the Manual
Playing parts-of-a-whole, or Playing-Parts of a whole?

The Melody was THIS big, literally THIS big.

A Cover Up
Does any of it exist when the camera stops rolling? If ‘no’ then where were the Muppets for 20 years? If ‘yes’ then where were the Muppets for 20 years? (Note: We fans are well aware that they have not dissapeared for 20 years, even if the 80’s Robot disagrees.)

Ahhhhh, funnnieeeeee…. (But is it?)

One thought on “A Musical Rotating Rain Barrow?

  1. Ryan, if you're out there, I have a question for you:

    Did either of the “The Muppets” clips shown at the D23 Expo during the Walt Disney Studios presentation include any other minor characters that we haven't seen in any of the trailers? If so, do you remember who was there?

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