This is a Moopet News Flash

And now it is time for a Moopet News Update with me, The British Corespoondent.

Today it seems as though the whole world has gone Moopet crazy as Disney celebrated some guy called Jim Henson with a touching piece of Moopet Music performed by a less rugged than usual looking Kermoot and an eyebrow-less Roowlf the Doog. Or, at least, I think that is who it is…You can see them in the videoo below. (I am almost certain that I have heard that song before somewhere though…cannot for the life of me figure out where.)

Elsewhere, people have been gooing crazy for the latest and greatest piece of Moopet Merchandise, the Koormit Crown Hat. Seen below being worn by a particularly weird looking Moopet fan from the D23 convention.

In other head-related Moopet Merchandising, do not forget that you can buy your Moopet Spirit Hoooods from here, then you can looook as warm and green as this cute little Moopet Loving Kid!

Furthermore, the Twittersphere (?) has been gooing goo-goo ga-ga over a new Twitter Feed (Is that similar to Bird Seed?) created by the Toughpoogs gang. This twitter feed (know as @Moopetquotes) contains such pearls of wisdom as:

Which is brilliant! Because everyone remembers the time that Goonzo said, “What’s wroong with Bus toorminals” in the Great Moopet Cooper. (You know when you start a Takeover week with a great idea and it just becomes more and more trouble as the week goes on? – TBC)

Stay tuned (tooned?) for more (moore?) Moopet Schnanigens as the week goes on until Ryan gets back. Assuming that being surrounded by live-Moopets and enough Moopet merchandise to sink a small ship will not convert your original blog-host to my new fandoom.

Wait…those articles were all about the Moopets, right? I keep getting them mixed up with something else…

– The British C.

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