"The Muppets" Score, Marvel, and Book it!

There have been a couple notable developments in the Muppet world over the past few days, but none that have really warranted their own individual post, so we’ve collected them all together here–now–today!

In The Muppets movie music news (say that five times fast), we’ve discovered that the composer who is composing the original score for the film has been revealed in one Christophe Beck. Mr. Beck has a multitude of screen composing credits spanning the likes of The Hangover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cheaper By the Dozen, Waiting for Superman, and numerous other films and TV productions under his belt. His involvement with the film was revealed on the credits base of the most recent theater poster. I’ve seen quite a few movies scored by Mr. Beck, but I can’t honestly say I paid too much attention to the score in any of them… but I’m sure he’ll be a good choice to go alongside Brett MacKenzie’s original songs.

As we mentioned a few months ago, Marvel Comics is republishing Roger Langridge and BOOM! Studio’s The Muppet Show Comic Book for re-issue. Well, it seems that the first re-issue, “Meet the Muppets,” has been quietly seeping into stores. This is only notable because there’s a new cover that comes attached to the collection–see it to the right. It’s an incredibly odd choice, not that attractive of an image, and pretty bland… but we didn’t really expect this to be up to par with the BOOM! stuff did we? At least there’s more Muppets in stores.

Finally, as we also mentioned a few months ago, there is a gaggle of books promoting The Muppets coming out this fall. The cover art for four of these books, Meet the Muppets, The Muppets: The Movie Junior Novel, The Muppets: The Reusable Sticker Book, and The Muppets Theater Stage Set, have made their way to Muppet Wiki. Check out both of the images below…

While I love the art on the Meet the Muppets book–it’s very old-style and the character choice is wonderful–the same, old, tired photo-puppet posers used on the Theater Stage Set just make me sad. With all the gorgeous new poser images that we’ve seen on various things (see: the theater standee, the poster, this awesome picture), it’s just extremely sad to see such a lazy effort on what could still be a pretty exciting book.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, ryguy102390@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “"The Muppets" Score, Marvel, and Book it!

  1. Ugh. How can they justify still using those OLD poser photos?! I don't know what bugs me more… that they won't update them, or that I'm still going to buy this book even if it's chock full of old stuff.

  2. At least these are attractive. Let's hope they have newer photos in the book. Those really aren't bad poser pics, but it's become clear that Disney needs people who better understand the characters and history to work on their product. Make no mistake…they've got some choices to pick from, but they keep picking the same pictures. My belief is that these are among the pre-clipped clip art characters in the licensing package. Basically the graphic designer is kinda lazy.

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