The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 Lineup Revealed!

Last week, as you’ll recall, we posted our predictions for the upcoming Vinylmation The Muppets Series 2 set to be released at Disney Parks and Resorts (as well as online) on April 15th. Well, as has become custom around here (at least if you’re asking Joe Hennes), we were mostly wrong! The fine folks over at have exclusively revealed the lineup for The Muppets Series 2. Let’s take a look at the surprises that we never would have guessed!

3″ Figures

  • Dr. Teeth 
  • Janice
  • Floyd Pepper
  • Zoot
  • Pigs in Space Miss Piggy
  • Link Hogthrob
  • Dr. Julius Strangepork
  • Penguin
  • Pepe the King Prawn
  • Scooter
  • Lew Zealand
  • Waldo (Chaser Figure)

9″ Figures

  • Gonzo the Great (with 3″ Camilla the Chicken)
  • Muppet*Vision Kermit (previously known as “Tourist Kermit”)
  • Sam Eagle
  • Animal

Okay, so I guess we weren’t all that wrong. But seriously, who would have guessed we’d see Link and Strangepork and Lew Zealand included? That’s super, super cool. I also love the fact that the Disney folks trust this line enough to do well that they’re including 9″ figures also. The 9″ figures usually have a much smaller release size (e.g., only 1,000) and usually cost about $40. So… my wallet may hate it, but I absolutely love it and I must get the 9″ Gonzo at least (but I’ll probably get all of them… darn it)!

There’s been a breaking piece of news in the Vinylmation case this morning as the world’s bestest Muppet fan, FrogFan76, has posted a brand new YouTube video with exclusive pictures of all of The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 3″ figures (except Waldo, the Chaser)! Check out the fantastic video and marvel at the awesome designs below!

This just solidifies the fact that I must have these! Especially Lew Zealand. And Pepe. And Floyd. And… yeah, all of them. Thanks to our friend FrogFan76 for this AWESOME YouTube sensation!

Once again, The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 will be released on April 15th.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

4 thoughts on “The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 Lineup Revealed!

  1. OK, I'm really beginning to wonder at this point: who is the puppeteer behind FrogFan76?! I thought he would end up being revealed to be Walter, but I was obviously wrong. His puppeteer must be a big name in the puppeteer community if he got to see these Vinylmations first!

  2. Last night on the kids choice awards Jason Segel was announced as the star of the new movie “The Muppets”
    The movie more and more popular!

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