The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 Update and Possible Release Date

Our friends over at Destination Vinylmation have some great info on the upcoming Series 2 set of The Muppets Vinylmation available at the Disney Parks and online. Their post reveals the current planned release date for the set, April 15th and also pictures of the figures that are confirmed for inclusion so far. They include…

DR. TEETH (new picture)

 DR. TEETH (same figure, different angle; provided by Daniel Moss)

Other figures, including GONZO and SCOOTER have also been confirmed (sans pictures) by Every Vinylmation series contains 12 figures, so logically The Muppets Series 2 will include a dozen new figure designs as well. Six are confirmed, what others can we expect? Well… here’s one Muppet fan’s theories:
  • ANIMAL – It stands to reason that we’ll see Animal in this wave, not only to tie together the Electric Mayhem, but also because he’s one of the most popular Muppets and not including him probably just isn’t an option.
  • ZOOT – Releasing an entire group of Electric Mayhem figures in this series seems to be the goal, so logically Zoot will be included. I hope the figure has Zoot’s famous saxophone painted on.
  • PEPE – While they’re busy including popular characters in Series 2, they might as well toss in Pepe. He’s really the only other semi-major character not yet included in this or the previous series.
  • PENGUINS or CHICKENS – Two definitions of Muppets in feathered fowl form… it stands to reason that one of them will eventually be included. One would think that with the penguin orchestra of Muppet*Vision 3D we would see penguins… but who knows?
  • WALDO C. GRAPHIC – I don’t really know how the Vinylmation artists would pull this one off… but considering Waldo is such a huge part of Muppet*Vision and the Vinylmation are sold at the Disney Parks, it would make a lot of sense to include Waldo.
  • TOURIST KERMIT – My prediction for the chaser figure of this line can also be seen in the above image with the Scooter prototype. It makes sense to have another Kermit in the line… he’s sort of popular. Or so I hear.

Well… only time will tell what The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 will hold. Hopefully we will find out on April 15th, the date which both Destination Vinylmation and Stitch Kingdom have claimed as the release date for the series. I don’t know about you… but I’ll be hovering over that whole day to buy some!

And, as always, check out The Muppet Mindset for more news on Muppet Vinylmation as soon as we get it!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

3 thoughts on “The Muppets Vinylmation Series 2 Update and Possible Release Date

  1. The Muppets 2 will be released on April 15th, and it will include : Janice, Floyd Pepper, Pepe the prawn, the penguin, scooter, Zoot, Dr. Teeth, Lew Zealand and the Pigs in Space Miss Piggy, Link Hogthrob, and Dr. Strangepork. The Chaser will be Waldo.
    The 9″ figures will be Sam Eagle, Animal, MuppetVision Kermit, and a 9″/3″ Gonzo and Camilla

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