"?" with Jarrod Fairclough – "Why Does Pepe Say ‘Okay’ at the End of Most Sentences?" UPDATE

Jarrod Fairclough Presents “?”
“Because Asking Questions Is a Good Way to Find out Things”
ANSWER: “Why does Pepe say ‘okay’ at the end of most sentences?”

Jarrod Fairclough – Hello friends with heads, and welcome to my next (kind of) instalment of “?”, where instead of coming up with a new question (I do have one, but I’m waiting on an e-mail for the answer), I am instead going to give you an updated answer on my last question, “Why does Pepe say ‘okay’ at the end of most sentences?”

You may recall we had answers from people on the forum, and on the article, and then one from Jim Lewis.  Well, the answer finally came in while I was in America from Mr Bill Barretta himself, and i figured that was worth a follow up article.  So, enjoy in its copied and pasted glory, the answer from the horses (prawns?) mouth!

“Hi Jarrod,

Sorry, I just saw this… so I hope it’s not too late.

The reason Pepe, often says “okay” at the end of a sentence, which by the way, people tend to think that a question mark follows it (noticed you didn’t do that), but it’s actually a statement.

Pepe is based on my wife’s aunt (no longer with us) who was from Madrid, Spain but lived in California for about 30 years. This was simply the way she spoke. “You are wearing a beautiful shirt, okay.” “We’re going to the mall, okay.” She was basically confirming what she was saying and I always thought that was a funny character trait of hers…and she was quite a character. There’s a lot more of her than just “okay” in Pepe.

As a matter of fact and better still, her name was Maria Theresa and in my wife’s family there are actually a few more Maria Theresa’s, so…when I met her family in Madrid, the way they distinguished her from the others was by giving her the name Maria Theresa Okay. Pretty funny huh?

Hope this answers the question for ya, sorry it took so long,  Bill”

So it’s exactly what I wrote last time, but I figured Bill went out of his way to answer, so I should share it with you.

So there you go, and I’ll be seeing you sometime soon.

Until then, have a good day!


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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