Sesame Street Saturdays: Season 41 Episode Recap, Part 6

Sesame Street Season 41
Episode Recap, Part 6

Shane Keating – Only one more week left of Season 41. Let’s take a look at the latest two episodes.


Telly and Chris see that a group of veggies are protesting that they are treated poorly on the street and plan on leaving. Anderson Cucumber reports on all the proceedings for VNN. (Care to guess what it stands for?) The first offender is Zoe, who is about to leave her lunch without eating her broccoli. Chris shows her a veggie-dance that gets her to eat them. Next, Cookie Monster wolfs down several dozen cookies, when a plate of veggies is right near him. Chris has him imagine the plate is full of cookies and he eats the whole serving (including the plate). Finally, Gina is trying to get Baby Natasha to eat her peas, but would rather knock the bowl on the ground. The veggies have had enough and are about to leave, when the residents sing “We Love You Vegetables” and Natasha now eats her food. The veggies decide to stay.

Another good storyline. Full of great characters and some good songs. I love how Cookie tried to remind the viewer he’s not the “Veggie Monster”; I really wish people would get that into their heads. Also, the story is riddled with food puns, including one based on a certain frog’s famous song.

New Segments:

  • Ellen Pompeo and Elmo show how to be healthy. I honestly have no idea who half of these celebrities are.
  • Film: The number 16 is found in a pile of pebbles.
  • Super Grover 2.0 – A cow can’t get down the stairs of her beauty parlor and Grover must find a way to get her down. This is the last new “Super Grover 2.0” sketch of the season, which is a shame because it’s so good.
  • Abby Cadabby sings a song about trying broccoli for the first time. It’s all right, though I wouldn’t consider it “classic.”


Telly and Baby Bear are reporting on Sesame Street’s “Fairy Tale Science Fair.” They visit Little Red Riding Hood’s booth, where she shows how observing and comparing will help her learn which Granny is the real one and which is the Big Bad Wolf. With help from the reporters, she finds out and the Wolf leaves in a huff. Next, they visit Cinderella, who loves science. She tests whether a pumpkin floats or sinks in water; and it floats! The prince comes along with a glass slipper, which Cinderella tests in her water tank too. Finally, they find the Three Little Pigs, freaking out because the Big Bad Wolf is coming. After answering some questions and doing some experiments with building material, they figure out they need to make a house from bricks to stay safe. The Wolf is thwarted again and takes his frustration out on Telly and Baby Bear, blowing them away.

I kinda liked this one. There were a number of funny gags and the many uses of science come across well. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a Telly and Baby Bear episode.

New Segments:

  • Elmo plays reporter while Samantha Harris gives him something to report on.
  • Ernie sings about things he wonders about. This is the first new actual Ernie segment since 2006 and it’s a really great song, his best in years.

Welp, only one more week to go! See you then!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

One thought on “Sesame Street Saturdays: Season 41 Episode Recap, Part 6

  1. I just watched Super Grover 2.0, where he was trying to get the cow down the stairs. I'm 35 years old and was watching it with my 5 year old and I was laughing more than she was. His use of words combined with his body movements are just hilarious. I loved when he danced on the stairs and called her things like 'beautiful bovine'. And when she bounced off the trampoline back up, again. And seeing her tail wave while she walked on the ramp with painted toe nails. All the details make it too funny! I wish I could find that clip online somewhere to be able to watch it again.

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