Sesame Street Saturdays: Season 41 Recap, Week 3

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Sesame Street Season 41
Episode Recap, Week 3
Shane Keating – Only two new episodes this week, which means…less work me for me! Let’s hop to it!
Elmo and Abby play with their rockets, making “brr brrr” sounds. Bert mistakes them for the blue bar pigeon, the last pigeon he needs to see to complete his pigeon list. Abby and Elmo help him by looking for the pigeon themselves. They come across a chickadee, robin and blue jay before finally finding the pigeon. They call Bert to see and they all have a pigeon party.
Ya’ know, for an episode titled “Bert’s Pigeon Search”, you’d think there’d be plenty of Bert in it. You’re quite mistaken; he’s only there for the beginning and end of the episode. That’s a very missed opportunity for some classic Bert frustration. Plus, an episode about birds and no Big Bird appearance? What were they thinking?!
New Segments:
  • Julie Bowen and Elmo show off some binoculars
  • The winning aniBOOM Awards 4 Sesame Street short appears. It’s a claymation remake of “Pinball Number Count #12”, set in a childs’ room.
  • Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures: Bert enters Bernice in the Pigeon Games.
Snuffy and Big Bird are having a playdate and try jumping to see who can stay up the longest, but find neither of them can stay up. Gordon explains what gravity is and tells them it’s what’s keeping them from going up. With Abby’s help, they eradicate gravity and begin floating in the air. But, all their playdate stuff floats away from them. Abby brings back the gravity and they enjoy a playdate on the ground.
This was a nice street story. The song was kinda bland, though. See how good an episode can be when Elmo isn’t shoehorned into it?
New Segments:
  • Natalie Morales and Abby show things that can float: a pumpkin (in water), Abby and even Natalie (with some magical help). Yup, this is the only new segment in the whole episode.
BONUS!: This week, some repeated episodes aired, using season 39 plots with new segments. A new Super Grover sketch was part of one. He demonstrates the letter F by trying to fly, but (of course) he falls flat on his face.
The next episode doesn’t air ‘til November, so I’ll see you all then.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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