Muppets on Your iPhone: Rosita’s Jump Count

Ryan Dosier – Today on The Muppet Mindset we start a new series of product reviews called “Muppets on Your iPhone.” In this series we’ll review all of the new iPhone and iPod Touch applications featruing those lovable furry things. (No, not peaches.)

Rosita’s Jump Count
$2.99 on iTunes


Rosita’s Jump Count stars Rosita (go figure), her jump rope, and you. The premise is extremely simple: You jump and Rosita counts. Rosita will sometimes give you a number count to or sometimes she’ll just let you jump however many times you feel like (from 1-100) while she counts. She also counts in both English and Spanish, alternating between the two.

I suppose this application isn’t directly aimed at adults–which it shouldn’t be, Sesame Street is for kids after all–but beyond the initial appeal of having Rosita actually talk to you and play your exercise coach, there’s not much here anyone over the age of 5 or 6 can really appreciate.

I do love Rosita. She’s adorable and extremely fun, and thankfully she’s  no different here. After you jump a large number in the free jump, she’ll laugh and dance and shout “Oh, yeah!” a bunch of times. It’s pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.

But if you have kids with copious amounts of energy, this app is perfect for you. I can only assume that they will be instantly charmed by Rosita and be eager to jump along with her and her fuzzy feet. However, if you’re an adult with no kids and just looking for some Sesame Street fun on your iPhone, I would look elsewhere. Elmo’s Monster Maker, for instance, is charming for all age groups.

But in the end just seeing Rosita in fun new material is a pretty okay thing for me. I don’t regret spending the $2.99 one bit! (Although I did knock down a few things in my room while I was jumping.)

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