News Update – October 26th

NOTE: There will be no Muppet Comic Monday today due to lack of time on the part of me. Today’s update is a very small one.

NEWS AND SUCH – October 26, 2009
ToughPigs has done a fantastic interview with Louise Gikow, author of the new Sesame Street: A Celebration of Forty Years of Life on the Street book. They posted part 1 of the interview today and part 2 should be up within the week. has been updated with a Muppet Monster Halloween introduction to the main page just in time for Halloween. You can now view all three Muppet Halloween videos on the main page of, instead of just on Disney’s Haunted Holidays page.

The Swedish Chef and Bunsen and Beaker have also uploaded their Halloween videos to their YouTube accounts. They can now be viewed in glorious YouTube hi-def. Lookie, lookie! Der Chefsken cooker der poompkins! Bork! Bork! Bork!

Tomorrow, The Muppet Mindset will feature a very special interview with a good friend of ours. So check back here tomorrow for that!

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