Muppet Fashion Frenzy

Edited by Ryan DosierChickens may go “gaga” for weirdo boyfriends who buy them both red and green balloons at fun-fairs (sage advice from Mr. Richard Pryor), but it seems that pop-chick Lady Gaga goes gaga as well (go figure). Not for red and green balloons however, but for green goggley-eyed Muppet-inspired fashion statements. (Rumors that Lady Gaga also goes gaga for balloons appear to be highly exaggerated.)

Whether intentional or not, it seems Lady Gaga may have been somewhat responsible for a return of the Muppets to the realm of fashion, pop, and divaism—all because she was spotted sporting a coat made, not of many colors, but of many Kermits. She even delivered an interview with a German television network while wearing the faux-frog fashion faux pa. Lady Gaga has also worn Animal out (…I’ll leave you alone with your thoughts on that one). Yes, I am talking about her wearing an Animal based dress out to a publicity event earlier this month.

Never one to be upstaged by another woman (especially one wearing her beloved frog in coat form), Miss Piggy responded the only logical way one can under the circumstances: By holding a fashion retrospective at Macys, and rolling into Macy’s annual charity event, Glamorama, on a motorcycle in a Marc Jacobs outfit. Our favourite porcine diva was hounded by fashion obsessed press (as she should be), as was reported on by frilly-fashion power houses Vogue and Elle.

To give credit where credit is due, this entire Muppet fashion trend may well have been started a few months ago by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac who designed Gaga’s Kermit coat and Animal dress, and put Muppets into his runway fashion show in the first place!

Riding on the success of the night (as well as the motorcycle), Miss Piggy also paused in the windy city to give us some juicy interviews touching on subjects as varied as Britney Spears and Swine Flu (where one is a viciously contagious illness and the other is Swine Flu) and Jason Segel’s Muppet movie, as well as demonstrating, in pictures, how she had the Kermit look years before Gaga. She gave interviews to Style List, Chicago Sun-Times, and The Wall Street Journal.
Elsewhere, Sesame Street held a fashion show of its own, teaming up with the likes of Diane von Furstenber, Vera Wang, and Oscar de la Renta (who, contrary to rumors, is not a grouch). It seems that Sesame Street’s sponsors for the day were the letters: S, T, Y and L, and the Symbols: $$$

Special thanks to The Muppet Mindset’s Muppet fashion correspondent, Beauregard from Muppet Central Forum!

3 thoughts on “Muppet Fashion Frenzy

  1. Love it! However, it's time to finally burn that flat Piggy wig. Look what an amazing difference the hair makes in the Marc Jacobs picture. It's the same puppet wearing high-end couture in all of these shots so I think we can finally say the hair makes a big difference. Her face is framed so beautifully in that one picture.

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